Thermotreated Wood

For making thermotreated wood, we are heating the wood over 170°C . For cooling is used pure water steam. During the process there will be used no addatives. Thermotreated wood is 100% natural.

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Thermotreated wood. What is Thermotreated wood?

Thermotreated wood. What is Thermotreated wood?

Heat-treated wood or wood thermotreated wood processed to over 170 ° C temperature. The heat treatment improves the wood rotting – and weather resistance, and thermal insulation and reduces the accumulation of water timber. At high temperature, the resin was released from wood. Continue Reading

Thermotreated wood. Thermotreatment

Thermotreated wood is manufactured under controlled heating conditions at temperatures of 170…230 degrees C. The degree of heat depends on what type of wood is being processed and what type of characteristics are desired. The process involves no chemicals or addatives. Since the only outside agent used is moisture, we can proudly claim this to be natural product. During the thermotreatment process, the cellular structure changes. The hemicellulose starts to break down and pitch in coniferous woods evaporate.

During the thermo treatment, the following changes occur:

  1. Colour changes from light to dark brown
  2. Deformation due to moisture variations decreases by 50-90%
  3. Equilibrium moisture content lowers
  4. Thermal conductivity decreases by 0-30%
  5. Overall heat-transfer coefficient k improves
  6. Bending strength decreases by 0-30%
  7. Elasticity decreases, but rigidity increases
  8. Wear resistance improves
  9. Wood becomes lighter in weight
  10. Biological durability improves
  11. Pitch evaporates
  12. Dead knots fall out
  13. Cellular structure changes- wood „ages“ structurally

As it appears from above, thermotreatment offers a quite good opportunity e.g. for the carpentry industry to produce environment-friendly wood products of a new kind of structure.